The Last Alicorn: cover reveal! (another interlude)

It’s finally here!

The Nella preparing to set down on the dark planet Forbidulon.
You heard me. Forbidulon. Don’t “at” me, as the young people say.

If you think it looks like a retrowave text meme, that’s not a coincidence. The aim was somewhere between the played-straight look and feel of a Spaceballs poster, and a cheesy old-fashioned adventure story.

As editing continues on The Last Alicorn, I am charging full steam ahead with part two of The Last Days of Earth and hoping to get it finished soon. Then there is just part three to finish off. It’s been a long haul, but when you’re destroying the Earth you can’t cut corners.

In the meantime, enjoy another sci-fi masterpiece by Mr. Gabriel Gajdoš. This has been a truly wonderful partnership (and we have a long way to go yet!). The internet is many things to many people, but it has always been good to me.

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1 Response to The Last Alicorn: cover reveal! (another interlude)

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    IT’S SO FLUFFY–wait. I don’t see it!

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