Interlude: Bonus Surreal 2020est Post So Far

Don’t believe me? Have a play with the image yourself.

There is smaller text left behind on a layer below, you can clearly see “Trump” in the top row and some stuff about the future in the lower right.

This could be a subtle joke the Brits are playing. But like every other time Boris Johnson tries to be funny, it’s just … not “ha ha” funny.

Kussa mun motherfucking hopoti.

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5 Responses to Interlude: Bonus Surreal 2020est Post So Far

  1. LOL indeed, my brutha. But as always, I go to religion when I want loony. I raise you Michelle Bachmann:

    Man does she need it smashed by an iron rod. As Ana pointed out, that’s just hilarious.

  2. A moth pooped on our kitchen wall just now.

  3. I have another surreal moment for you. The David Pakman show was fully demonetized on Facebook for mentioning Bannon’s urge to have Dr. Fauci and others beheaded. But Bannon, it turns out, will NOT be banned from Facebook.

    • stchucky says:

      I saw something about that. Boohoo, poor right wing, so victimised by their platforms. Censorship! Gulags! And so on!

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        But the point HERE is that the critique of the right-wing murderous Bannon was punished by Facebook, but Bannon was not for his murderous talk.

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