The Last Alicorn (illustration showcase)

The scanning and messing around is done, and now I’m waiting for Kindle Direct Publishing to process the monstrous 67 MB file I sent them for the illustrated paperback. It hasn’t crashed as of time of posting, so hopefully it’s going to work.

As promised, here are a few of the illustrations I am hoping to put in the book.

The glorified Drakspar “statue” from The Riddlespawn.

Captain Judderone Pelsworthy of the Boze, Space Adventurer. Wump requested a fennec fox, and I am quite pleased with the result.

Praxulon the Mad from The Blind Time Traveller.

Wicked Mary and Squirty Pete. I’m just going to leave this one unexplained.

To be continued.

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12 Responses to The Last Alicorn (illustration showcase)

  1. Wow, that first one is a BIG BOI. And, I have to ask, is Squirty Pete a gusher?

  2. stchucky says:

    My proof copies would not ship here from the US. Trying again with

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