My Ridiculously Photogenic Children, Again

It’s been a while since I posted anything and things have been pretty crazy, as always. I’m actually starting to get some proper writing done and am feeling good about it, hopefully I’ll have something to share soon but in the meantime I’m just starting a whole lot of draft blog posts and leaving them to ferment.

We sent Wump and Toop off to mommo‘s for their annual photoshoot with Super Otus Oy yesterday, and the pics are here. Here’s a little highlight reel.

Giving off a kind of a Shining vibe, but more goony than creepy. Toop’s face here is one she calls the “Happy Apple”, because it looks like a bath toy of the same name. It’s eerie as fuck.

Fun with trampoline.

Toop at maximum Toop…

…and Wump and maximum Wump. This needs to be a political campaign poster. Vote Wump for President of Earth. You think she can do worse than we already are?

That’s it for now, hope it brightened your day at least 3% as much as it brightened mine.

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1 Response to My Ridiculously Photogenic Children, Again

  1. So freaking adorable! I’m jealous. Mine are all gangly and pimply now, may you be spared from that fate!

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