The Wheel of Vine

Another little treat from a friend, this time Robert “Beer ‘General Moral Decay (Alcohol)’ Rot” E.

This was hilarious. Particularly the Forsaken / Dark One part. But there were some other highlights. Perfect.


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3 Responses to The Wheel of Vine

  1. LMFAO

    And I was totally going to send this to you but I assumed you would have found it already. I want credit too!

    • stchucky says:

      Credit for everyone!

      I mean, I figured it was old because it was made up of Vines.

      There’s also a Stormlight Archive one:

      And a very cool Stormlight fan short:

  2. Hilarious, and cool, respectively! Although I thought the WoT one was more on point and had slightly better vines, where they differed. But that might just be how familiar I am with WoT vs. Stormlight due to my reread ratio. Which is always going to be X to 1, because who the fuck has time to reread Stormlight books? XD

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