Random … Tuesday thoughts? Yeah, Tuesday.

I sat and read the first two chapters of Tales of the Always Night to Wump and Toop tonight. It was an interesting experience. I became aware that the first main chapter was rather too much waffling and politics without anything interesting, although Wump was still into it.

At the end, she asked me “what’s in the box? Is it the alicorn?” She knew the alicorn was coming, of course, because she requested it. But good to see she’s on the ball. Now I guess I need to get on with writing this thing.

Oh, and Wump was indignant about Kotar’s condescension. “She’s like a hundred and eighteen years old, and he still calls her ‘my child’,” she declared. She also calculated that a Molran of five hundred would be basically a teenager, and a grown-up would be one or two thousand. Which is … ehh, close enough. Yeah, this was a success.

We just started watching Babylon 5 again. Also fun, although it was a bit clumsy to start. Knowing how steadily it improves made it easier to get into it, but Mollari and G’Kar really did carry it for a while there.

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