Bonus Post: Chucky’s Check-In

(was going to call it Hatboy’s Heck-In, but couldn’t make it fly)

Howdy y’all. It occurs to me that most of you aren’t reading The Steal of Time, so it’s been pretty boring sailing on the Hatstand lately for you. I may put up another chapter or two of the ongoing anthology work-in-progress, but those weren’t really getting comments either so *shrug*.

I’ve got the Worldcon pictures up and loaded and ready to go, just need to sit down with my little notebook diary and write out what happened each day for my full Chucky Report.

Working my un-butt off on Panda Egg, and hoping to have it ready in October. This will be delayed by a two-week suspension as my parents will be living in my goddamn office and requiring my full attention so I won’t get any writing done at all. Still, the concluding chapters to the Black Lotus / Devils And Such story are coming along well and the anthology is going to be a big one. I hope people enjoy it, especially since it’s a far more in-depth look at the blurred space between the flat-Earth pre-Flutter science-fantasy urverse and the post-Earth veiled-Playground science-fiction galaxy than people will have seen before. I’ve had a lot of fun writing all of them, but then I usually do have fun writing about Çrom. Sometimes it’s difficult to stop.

So yeah, things are fine in general. One and a half weeks of work left, then my ‘vacation’ starts, followed by the next chapter in my technical writing epic.

In other news, Martin is just deadass stealing from me now.

How are you all doing? Don’t be strangers!

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6 Responses to Bonus Post: Chucky’s Check-In

  1. stchucky says:

    Shout out to Aaron, my Steal-reading guy.

  2. Hey!

    If your name was Fucky, it could be your Fuck-in. Vamps approves.

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