Saturday, time for another quick random weekender

Day 55. 64 pages, 30,172 words.

I’m going to take a little break again for a bit, not sure if I’m going to keep the word count  running (if you can call it that with a straight face). I suppose I should, if just to remind myself that I’m getting fuck-all done and need to get back onto it. For reference, I’ve got a solid wedge of Part 1 written, and have a few chapters to add to finish it off. I’m not sure if The Last Days of Earth will be as big as Bad Cow and Greyblade, but maybe it’ll be about the same length after all. There’s a lot of stuff to fit in there.

Part 2 and Part 3 are also underway, at least there’s a lot of notes and scenes and the general outline of the story is done. It has been done, in fact, for years now. This book started out in a dream, that became a different story, that has folded into this one. Along with the characters and events of Bad Cow, this is perhaps some of my oldest writing (aside from the fantasy series I have on the schedule), put together in the mid-’90s when I was in university. It only found its place in my expanded urverse and earned itself a rewrite later on.

So that might be why it’s taking some time.

So anyway, I’ll kick the weekend’s lazy pre-written blog post spectacular off with Game of Thrones again, this time a rather cool post by Chuck Wendig. As my boy Ilya likes to say, there’s just something about a writer named Chuck. I guess we’re dependable, even if some of us like writing stories about being pounded in the butt a little too much. Certainly I think Wendig is very readable and very entertaining, and Tingle is … Tingle is Tingle. So I’m going to let Wendig’s blog post stand in place of mine (the above meandering about my own writing notwithstanding), this time around. Nothing much he has to say there really disagrees with my own assessment.

Good stuff. Let’s get on with the weekend!

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1 Response to Saturday, time for another quick random weekender

  1. dreameling says:

    Really good post by Wendig. Not much there I disagree with either.

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