Bonus Vappu Post: Saint Bort

Still Day 25. Still 64 pages, 30,219 words. Still Vappu.

When you accidentally fall down a wiki rabbit-hole, only it’s a wiki you’re writing yourself about your own characters and mythology.

Enjoy this little snippet, which I cannot in good conscience call an Easter Egg.

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4 Responses to Bonus Vappu Post: Saint Bort

    • stchucky says:

      It did. You all saw it. It’s canon now.

      I feel like telling Rowling to hold my beer. “Oh, one of your characters is gay?”

      • Still waiting for you to retcon Waffa in some diversity-inclusive way without doing any of the hard work of writing it into your story. You continue to fail to disappoint!

      • stchucky says:

        Waffa was a highly privileged white guy with a staggeringly huge inherited fortune, they’re the most oppressed minority of all.

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