Interlude (sort of): Omnicide

My day went to abrupt meltdown-level shit so although I have a part ready to post, I’m going to leave it until tomorrow so I have a chance to unpack and get my head back together again.

Instead, I adapted one of my blog comments into a relevant aki’Pedia page on the subject of omnicide. Enjoy. Again. I guess.

– Posted from my meh

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11 Responses to Interlude (sort of): Omnicide

  1. Sorry about your day, man, hang in there! Ugh.

    Cool, I didn’t bookmark the aki’Pedia yet *does so*

    “Few criminals, of course, get close enough to committing omnicide to actually attract the attention of anyone who might be inclined to stop them. So far, 100% of attempted omnicides have been prevented and the criminals responsible sentenced accordingly. The elevation of a successful omnicidal criminal to Class Eleven criminal status is, therefore, a purely theoretical exercise in criminal philosophy.”

    I would add that it would, of course, be logically impossible to convict anyone of successful omnicide. I was thinking that throughout reading the entry XD

    • stchucky says:

      Well, right, exactly. That was the (intended) joke there: presumably, if anyone ever did succeed in committing omnicide, nobody would ever know.

      I’ve got a couple of other tweaks to make to that page anyway but it’ll wait until tomorrow. Can’t do it on my phone.

  2. JonathanBloom says:

    Hope the day is getting better. Meltdowns are the fucking worst.

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