Random All The Way

Day 114. 138 pages, 62,297 words. Beginning to worry I won’t be able to fit this bad boy in a draft paperback.

Still no real time to make a good start on Part 4, but I’m powering away at Greyblade and am very happy with it. I’m sure there’s going to need to be some cuts along the way, but at the moment I’m genuinely not sure where. Unlike Bad Cow, there isn’t an immediately noticeable seventy pages of techno-mythic worldbuilding cryptobabble that can be surgically removed and replaced with a fight scene on a spaceship.

Which is both good and bad. I guess my editors are going to have some work to do. I may have to double their salary.

Also having fun at work, lots to do before the Christmas and new year break sweeps us all away to the big 2019 software and documentation reset in the sky. I have no real idea what that means, just that we’ve got a lot of deadlines set around this apparently arbitrary time of year.

Preach it, Brother Edpool.

What else is in the news? Not a lot.

This is truly the weirdest timeline.


– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in the carpark.

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