Predericon in Darkness, Part 7

Day 95. 99 pages, 42,283 words.


The Wix was a loneform apparently
Banished from the Mystic Mountain of Quam
Although this is unsubstantiated
Theory. A borderline Demigod or
Quasigod, The Wix was Molranoid but
For its head which was composed mainly of
Tentacles with the tiny face of an
Infant humanoid in their centre. Known
For acts of strange, beneficial magic.
Unmade in Marshendi Experiments.

The Orb of Wisdom was a holy relic
Of the unified Dmbus faiths, said to be
A frozen tear of a Ghåålus and source of
All knowledge and sagacity in the known
Urverse. Pilgrimages to see the Orb of
Wisdom routinely failed to arrive at their
Destination and were frequently killed by
Accidents during the journey. The Orb is
Thought to have accidentally wiped itself
From history but Time Destroyer action
Has not been ruled out. See Dumb Dmbus Relics.

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1 Response to Predericon in Darkness, Part 7

  1. stchucky says:

    Don’t worry, tomorrow’s entry has more plot. I’m just out of time and energy.

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