Predericon in Darkness, Part 6

Day 94. 99 pages, 42,283 words.


The Schade were a species of aquatic
Extremely hostile territorial
Crustaceoform galastroids that lived in
The high-pressure depths of Black Vuoliér
Of [missing]-Zolt-[missing], where the so-called
Manta worlds were once mistaken for a
Floor to the bottomless ocean. The large
Suspended plates of mega-dense stone were
Schade homeworlds until the Calamity
Of Air. See The Calamity of Air.

The Gormless Dead are a breed of undead
Found only in Dmbus, Calignia,
And are incapable of surviving
Outside of the planetary system.
One of the only known breeds of ‘daylight’
Undead, the Gormless Dead enter into
A dormant state at night and during the
Day stand outside and stare vacantly up
At the sun. Why do they not go into
The dark? Why do you not, Predericon?


– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in the carpark. Got a crazy weekend coming up so I’ve pre-written some random stuff for fun but by all means go nuts trying to find the secret unifying strand of errors…

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