It’s a beautiful day

Day 43. 107 pages, 48,730 words.

Vaguely considering starting a new little short story but not entirely sure where it’s headed (not that this has ever stopped me before but this isn’t a Creepy and Hatboy story), or if I should actually write it. Not sure where it fits.

In the meantime, there’s not much for me to add. I forgot my key-card for the office at home today, so I’ve had to ad-lib my way through the day which was a pain in the arse. USian conservatives are steamrolling their Nikes (thanks for reminding me of that comparison, Aaron!), but it’s too hilariously depressing to talk about.

Here’s a tweet instead.

Have a nice afternoon.

– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while on the bus.

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1 Response to It’s a beautiful day

  1. More burning than steamrolling because some people just want to watch it all burn, but you’re welcome nonetheless! Looking forward to not-Creepy-not-and-not-Hatboy-still-shenanigans!

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