Weekend hijinks

Day 32. 90 pages, 40,154 words.

I had a write night last night – I wrote my weekend’s blog posts in my spare moments – but didn’t get much down. I’m going to flatline for the weekend, in terms of word count, and see if I get some phone-writing done.

It’s been a long week and the weather went all stormy and clammy again as the evening progressed, which often wipes me out a bit. But I did get to a really cool part – in fact, I was going to put a little excerpt in here, maybe a character study … but I decided against it. Maybe later. Maybe I’ll just avoid spoilers.


Fairly quiet weekend this weekend. Gonna hang out with Wump while Mrs. Hatboy takes Toop on a little trip into town. We might watch a movie. Or Wump might prefer to sit with her face stuck in her phone. I don’t judge – I will probably do exactly the same thing. Maybe one or another of us will play Zelda. It will be a rich full day.

Hopefully going to start with a long sleep-in.

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2 Responses to Weekend hijinks

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    I hope you find some time and inspiration, soon and often my friend. You’re my current favorite writer. No BS. Also no pressure.

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