Z-Lin bio

Day 28. 82 pages, 37,008 words.

This morning I was mostly busy writing, but I hammered out a bit of meta-writing as well, for the aki’Pedia (remember the aki’Pedia? Good times). I give you Commander Z-Lin Clue.

Nothing else for today. Any amendments or questions or suggestions are welcome!

Also artists’ impressions of the great grand-scion of the Elevator People, and arguable saviour of the Trampsters if not the galaxy, please feel free to check in. Artwork can be added to the wiki no worries.

– Written in the wee small hours of the morning. Posted on my lunch break.

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2 Responses to Z-Lin bio

  1. Nice work, good detail!

    • stchucky says:

      Thanks, I appreciate it. Something about the aki’Pedia work speaks to me on a technical writer level. This bio is a good example of taking a couple of thousand pages of rambling material and distilling the main data points about a single component of the whole.

      Today I added cryptoadiplase, for no real reason than that I stumbled over it and figured what the Hell. It’s mentioned once in a throw-away footnote in Bad Cow, but it connects up to a lot of general notes about the developing nations and politics and conflicts in the near-future history of Earth, so it seemed like a place to start.

      It’s a huge gorram job, might as well start with a nice nerve agent.

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