Saturday chuckles

Day 25. 74 pages, 33,332 words. Yes, I could have written one extra word but then what sort of a friend to OCD people would I be? That’s enabling, that is.

This weekend I’m just dropping a couple of funny videos and not putting much thought into it in general. Pre-writing in my spare phone moments and just getting it done. Nothing much planned for the weekend itself although I do intend to sleep for a big wedge of it.

Today’s video features this guy, who looks at first glance like a slightly chunky David Tennant (and you know Tennant, this leaves a lot of room for otherwise slim people to be labelled “slightly chunky”). Shared to me by my highly esteemed adopted son Mr. Popov, I thought it was … pretty much spot-on in every sense.


I mean, about the only reason (other than those mentioned in the hilarious stand-up above) I can think of for a single straight guy to not want to go to a gay bar is … maybe … because they’re unlikely to find a straight woman to hook up with there? I mean, unless they pretend to be gay a bit and let themselves be picked up by one of the straight women who’ve gone to the gay bar with the avowed intent of “turning” a gay man.

I consider that a victimless crime because both parties are being kind of childish.

But I don’t know, I’m out of both the bar-hookup and pub session game. Well, I guess occasionally I’ll hit a bar with friends. What I’m mostly looking for there is cheap drinks and a place to sit, and I’m usually out of luck on both fronts. The sexual orientation of the clientele is of stupendously little interest to me.

Have a nice Saturday, folks.

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