Day 20. 52 pages, 23,054 words.

After a fun but very busy weekend, it’s almost relaxing to be back at work. The whole gang’s back from summer holidays and starting to ramp up. Not a lot to report though.

The rest of this week, however. Oh boy.

Wump is headed back to school tomorrow. She’s also starting up with the scouts again, and her circus school, and her swimming on weekends. Toop, meanwhile, has to be dropped and picked up from daycare and will also be starting some sort of activity after hours – a prelude to circus school, I think? With both myself and Mrs. Hatboy now happily back at work, we have to rearrange our schedules and share the car so as to make all this happen, which means sitting down with a damn spreadsheet and putting together a timetable.  A timetable!

Oh well.

Add to that, I have a Finnish Scottish Society meeting one day this week and a … well, okay, a quick trip to the pub planned for another day.

And it looks like we’re going to have to buy a new dishwasher sooner rather than later, which is a bummer because arranging delivery and installation is a bitch. But I guess we can wait and see if our eleven-plus-year-old washer actually dies first.

That’s about it for the Monday admin. Carry on.

– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in the carpark after work.

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