Time for another weekender (part 1)

Day 4. 34 pages, 15,322 words.

The week is ending in a hot, humid, drained and lazy fashion, and the weekend is going to be busy. On the other hand, I got a good Write Night in on Thursday, so I have a few pre-written blog posts up my sleeve.

Today, it’s Ropecon 2018!

Now obviously I’m pre-writing this so I don’t have a report and pictures ready. That will have to wait. But I am once again planning to go as Tabo ‘T-Bone’ Norid, and once again I have been too lazy to put much effort into fixing up the costume. I re-did the horns so they will hopefully stay a bit more securely and look a bit better, but the rest is the same.

I am mildly concerned that heavy face-paint and a full-length trenchcoat in our current heat is going to kill me. But I’m pre-writing this so I guess you won’t know until comments-time and depending on whether I post tomorrow’s entry.

Looking forward to it, though!

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