Meanderings on a Meh Monday

Once again, not a lot to report right now. It’s going to be hot as a bastard all week, and I’m stuck on public transport. I’ve made an executive decision to shed the vest and just go with a lazy T-shirt at work, this week at least. There’s only three of us here and I’m not going to any meetings or anything, just sitting and doing the usual work. No need to give myself heatstroke.

Quiet at the office, and quiet at home. The girls have taken off to the kesämökki for a while, leaving me to get myself out of bed and onto the bus in the mornings, and water the suffering garden in the evenings, and … well, nothing much else, in this heat. I’ve gotta admit.

Over the weekend I mowed the lawn with our non-motorised push-mower, which was an hour and a half of sweat and blisters but well worth it. I shouldn’t have left it two weeks so it’s my own fault really. Just wanted to get it done in case it rained, and because I knew if I didn’t do it on the weekend, it would be three weeks until it got done.

My True Donald Trump StoryTM has gotten a few random likes and subscribers, but Edpool isn’t exactly a Social Media Influencer so it’s probably going to wind up as an amusing but quiet bit of smarmy protest-fiction. It’s coming to an end now anyway, as Donald will be heading to his farcical summit with Vladimir any time now, and Ivan – easily the most lovable character in the story – will be headed off to his next job.

Godspeed, Ivan.

Off to see Ant Man and the Wasp with Mr. BRKN in a few hours. Should be fun. Might write a review if the bus is air-conditioned tomorrow.

– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while on the bus.

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