Funday (mini Zelda review, and other goodies)

Today I stayed at home until about 11, watching Wump and Toop and one of the daycare kids while Mrs. Hatboy went to a job interview. Normally of course, anoppi would be doing the daycare thing but she was on a little break today.

Anyway, it was all good. I slept in, I put a bunch of toys and a box of strawberries in front of the kids, and I played Zelda: Breath of the Wild for an hour or two.

It’s a really good game. I’m starting to get used to the controls and once I do that, I think I will enjoy it more than The Wind Waker, which in turn I enjoyed more than The Ocarina of Time (lo all those many years ago). The setting and gameplay is amazing, the maps are enormous, and the whole thing is just flawless.

There’s really only one part I would change in the whole thing right now. And that’s the tips and tricks that pop up on the loading screen.

They’re great – well worth a read and I wouldn’t actually change them – but they’re not random. Specifically, if you are in a part where you are fighting and dying a few times, they just repeat the same two tips over and over again: pointless tips about preparing for a fight. Yes, they’re useful tips, but if you already know them and are already following them, it just makes the frustration of getting killed and starting over that much more annoying. I’d rather read random unrelated tips, to be honest.

Other than that very minor complaint, I’m loving it. And so’s Wump.

In other news, the first review for The First Feast came in, and it’s a good one! And from someone I don’t even know! Always nice to see things off to a good start. Thank you kindly, Malthiar.

posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in the carpark, on account of no longer commuting by bus on this last week of work because Mrs. Hatboy is on vacation already.

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