Weekend update

Graduation party today, possibly the last of “this” generation – next up, the Wump and Toop generation! Better start getting ready now.

Deadpool Monopoly was fun (you know, for Monopoly). Mrs. BRKN mopped the board with us mercilessly, but I at least managed to concur with the “game over” decision while I was still fully solvent – not to mention sole owner of “D-mansions” (hotels), so it was sort of a saved-by-the-bell situation.

However, I had hotels on some of the pinky-purply ones, and Mrs. BRKN had several houses on all the greens, and I only lasted as long as I did because I was in jail. And jail was where I decided to die. I couldn’t have made it on the outside. Jail’s the place to be in this game, after a while.

Anyway, it was fun.

I also decided it was time to update my Author Bio on Amazon.


That is all.

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