Be still my beating heart

My good pal Robert “General Moral Decay (Alcohol)” E shared this with me yesterday evening.

Oh my.

As I recall, this is a story not from one of the main Discworld books, but a Discworld short story that Pratchett wrote for one of the Legends anthologies. But damn, it looks perfect. I’ve gotten used to a certain amount of low-budget make-doery from the Discworld adaptations, so seeing this was pretty exciting. Cohen straight out of the pages of The Last Hero.

Can’t wait.

In other news, I played Zelda until quarter to twelve last night. That’s not particularly late for a gamer, I know. Or rather it’s not late for a selfish gamer who doesn’t have overtime hours to attempt to recover at work.

You can probably stop expecting Greyblade on any reasonable timetable. I still didn’t start the count on that one and this is pretty much why.

Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while on the bus.

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6 Responses to Be still my beating heart

  1. Tee hee!

    And bro, that’s a respectable gaming hour for a man with responsibilities. When one invokes “gamers” one must keep in mind so many things. The stereotypes, the fact that it’s a high-paying job these days, so on and so forth.

    As for the book, I think you need to double your editors’ pay again.

    • stchucky says:

      Hmm … okay, but how common does “high-paid gamer” have to be in relation to all the jagoffs (like me) in the world who play video games, before I need to seriously consider it as a representative, let alone definitive, feature of gaming? I mean there are world championships of face-slapping, and I admire a well-delivered slap on an audience level, but I wouldn’t consider it a career.

      Maybe I still have old-fashioned ideas about gaming.

      Still, I appreciate the granting of moderate cred. It’s more than I could have expected. And I’ll happily triple my editors’ pay.

      • stchucky says:

        I ask, in the off chance that you weren’t joking.

      • I mostly added it, and the “so on and so forth”, so that I wasn’t just saying “most gamers who would scoff at your gaming hours there are fat losers with no life, especially no sex life, and don’t even live outside their parents’ houses in most cases.”

        Or something like that. I’m no writer.

      • stchucky says:

        Oh, you do alright. I’m happier having you in my artform than the piece of human garbage who wrote the Fifty Shades series.

        Wait, can I bring us back on topic? The next Pratchett adaptation needs to be a City Watch movie, with a Shades pun.

      • Dude, low bar, low bar. No pun for you!

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