DEADPO- wait, I’m 40 now?

I think I’ll leave my Deadpool 2 review until next week when I get to see it again. In the meantime, I’m 40 now.

It’s actually no different from 39. I’m tired and mildly hungover, but that’s because I drank a bottle of Stroh 60 rum last night and had been in bed ten minutes before the traditional family midnight wake-up (that I’d forgotten was going to happen) happened.

This occurred on my 30th as well, and happens on every multiple-of-ten – a hardcore group of family and friends gather outside the victim’s window at midnight and wakes them up with any musical instruments as come to hand, then come in and have a beer.

So it was around one in the morning by the time I got to bed in the end. Now it’s coming up on 08:00am and I’m commuting. And sweating rum.

The crew delivered my gift, which is pretty glorious. Customised drink dispenser for the bar. I’ll have to post pictures when I have time to take some.

Today though, is work and then catering-shopping at the mall in the evening.

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6 Responses to DEADPO- wait, I’m 40 now?

  1. dreameling says:

    Happy birthday!

    Welcome to the club!



  2. brknwntr says:

    Fuck man, even I knew you were gonna get woken up. Virva was planning on attending but then realized she had to walk an hour to the gym this morning at 7 am. She (some say wisely, some say cowardly) begged off at the last moment. I was under strict orders to not rat this information out to you. Like jist because i dont celebrate birthdays i go around shiting all over everyones plans.

  3. Fucking backwards culture waking people up, making noise outside their fucking windows late at night. Good thing I don’t own firearms. And that this shit doesn’t happen here. LOL

    No, not even once a year, I’m not fucking having it.

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