Vague blog of dubious value

This week is sort of a mirror image of last week. Instead of Tuesday being a public holiday and the week being divided into a one-day and three-day work week, we have Thursday as a public holiday and a three-day and one-day week.

Which is nice. Got a ton to do, but a day off mid-week is just fine.

Not a lot going on. I doubt I’ll have a chance to write a full report on the party, but here are some highlights:

The Pas, technically Last Man Standing in the bar because he slept on the couch, waking up and cleaning the entire place before leaving. The Hatboy family was already at the kids’ Extreme Run by this point so it was grand to come home to minimal required clean-up.

The shot of Purest Green that I invented, with absinthe, bisang, midori, lime and green food colouring. Truly awful.

The quiz was hysterical but since BRKN left early of course Kristiina won by a significant margin. I reckon he would have had a shot at it too, because she didn’t exactly ace it. Sorry.

The Pas once again deserves credit for his portrait of Janus Whye in the Freeform Art section of the quiz, complete with flying dicks and a three-armed swastika and the words “heil Hortler”. Ilja also gets points for his drawing of Contro, which really hit all the main beats. Oh, and Mikko’s drawings of Rakmanmorion and a baby aki’Drednanth were wonderful. My clear favourites. Heikki’s dot, labelled “The Astro Tramp from really far away”, no.

Alright, there’s probably more but my bus is nearing its destination and my phone battery is almost flat.

I’ve got some TV to talk about but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

– Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while on the bus.

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