Bill Cosby is … *shakes magic 8-ball* … guilty. Huh.

I heard a few days ago that Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault. Finally.

I mean, despite the random nature of my blog title, this one was never really in doubt although I admit I sort of stopped following the story. The cases all seemed so old and un-pursuable,I hadn’t heard there was even going to be a trial. Just a bunch of accusations and mocking Internet memes.

I’m very glad there was a trial. I haven’t seen what sort of sentence he got, but letsl hope it’s solid. I see his wife has called it “mob justice”. No, that might have been what was happening online, but it went to court and the rapist you married was judged by a jury of his peers. So what actually happened was just … justice.

Rapists go to jail. It’s too little, too late, but there it is. Hopefully now we’ll see some humility from the rape apologist corner.

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3 Responses to Bill Cosby is … *shakes magic 8-ball* … guilty. Huh.

  1. brknwntr says:

    His wife compared it to black men being lynched for talking to a white woman. I get that she is standing by her man. But he done effed up.

    Also, the proposed sentence is 30 years, or effectively life in prison.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah. As far as I know he’s in house arrest waiting for sentencing, which will involve between zero and thirty years in prison. So let’s hope for the latter.

    • The reactions, mostly prior to this trial, of his defenders in the face of these tens and tens of women have been sickening to me. I’ve seen right-wing white defenders, left-wing black defenders…this one brought in all stripes. I’ve seen people shaming the Cosby accusers because he’s black and blacks are disadvantaged in America and that’s the only fact here that matters. I saw the same bullshit when his wife’s disgusting comments were made.

      Here’s what I say to all that: He’s accused of RAPING black women! She’s trivializing what happened to blacks in America! How can we take a position that supports “blacks” in general in the face of that?

      And as has been said, here and elsewhere, his wife’s comments are irrelevant. She made them in response to the trial, not the social media outrage. So I dismiss them.

      I pity her, I really do. She’s married to one of the most “prolific” (threw up in my mouth a bit) rapists in American history. I can’t begin to imagine what that does to your psyche.

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