I’m dispensing with the Interludes for now, I’ll get back to the Creepy & Hatboy story when I have the time and opportunity. Also, I’ve sort of reached a point where I can write another part or two, but then I need to wait to figure out where the story is heading. I don’t want to spoil it by just writing down anything.

Nothing much to report today. One day back at work and then a day off for Vappu, making this a sort of one-day week, a one-day weekend, then a three-day week. Followed by our little book release party for The First Feast. Not that it’s going to be out at the end of this week … but at least one set of editorial comments is in and I will be getting underway with the editing.

And my little Tabo Norid is looking awesome, and he hasn’t even got his coat yet. I’m really not inclined to part with him as a bar prize … but like Mrs. Hatboy says, he’s a prototype. We can make a better one, and keep him.

– Hammered out on my lunch break on account of I drove to work today instead of commuting by bus.

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