Interlude: Meanwhile, in Australia

Lazy bit of screencapping for my Saturday blog post. I give you “Screenshots That May Or May Not Be Taken Out Of Context”. Hint: Not taken out of context.

I mostly wanted to throw this into the vaguely public eye because this is another representative of Australia’s Bigoted Fucksnort party, and if all his skeletons are gone and he doesn’t want to talk about shit he did thirty years ago (actually 31 years ago now, it’s an old thread), why is he still a member of One Nation?

Fuck him. Hope he crashes and burns. And I don’t specifically mean that politically.


I mean it as an automobile owner.

And it just gets better the more you read about him. Like the time he was ridden out of town because he saluted a giant swastika.

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2 Responses to Interlude: Meanwhile, in Australia

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    No more skeletons, at least! And it was a different time! Fuck you, Hatboy. Hey, look at that, it’s a different time right now than when I wrote that! Moving on….

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