Interlude: Hoplop

Yep, today I’m mostly going to be sitting on an armchair in Vantaa’s premier children’s entertainment emporium, waiting for Wump and Toop to exhaust themselves so we can spend stupid amounts of money on 17 cents worth of potato and reconstituted chicken sweepings.

Ah. Good times. I understand Mrs. Hatboy is enjoying a visit to a museum with some friends in the meantime. Some people just don’t know how to have fun.

It’s about 10:30am now and I anticipate being here until at least 17:00pm. Then off to Kallio for the birthday party of a couple of friends. I’ve been instructed not to drink jallu. This is a fair rule.

Let me just say, it’s brilliant that Wump is now old enough to look after Toop in this crazy place.

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