Interlude: And that was the weekend

Not a lot to report. Friend’s place Saturday, garden clean-up Sunday. Also first barbecue of the season. I checked out the various bits and bobs on the car, and cut up a fallen cherry tree with a handsaw. So that was my manly quota for the spring.

Took Wump, Toop and Wally through the woods for barbecue supplies and marshmallows. Fortunately, although rain threatened, it didn’t appear until Monday morning.

Unfortunately, it appeared Monday morning, so I got a mild soaking on my way through the forest.

Didn’t have any coffee yesterday, after an unexpected write night on Saturday night. No wonder I feel utterly wiped out and slept until 08:00am.

Anyway, had time to finish a bit of the Creepy and Hatboy story because of that write night, as well as a bit of random editing. But no more time today.

– Sent from my Huawei mobile phone while on my bus commute

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