Glitches in the veil

Day 89. 158,363 words. Done.

Well that turned into damn near a 10,000-word writing session. And The First Feast is complete. Just waiting for CreateSpace to check it, and then I’ll get the editors’ copies underway.

An April publishing deadline might be tough but we could still have a party in April, I think. It’s not like anyone but the editors have a chance at winning the quiz anyway, when I have a party within a decade of releasing a book.

In the meantime, check this out. Glitch in the veil?

And happy Good Friday to you all … I’ll be posting the rest of the Ballad of the Hamster for the next few days, then returning to normal random postings on Tuesday.

It’s late. I mean early. Wee!


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1 Response to Glitches in the veil

  1. stchucky says:

    Clearly, humans were starting to think they might have it all figured out, so the veil pasted a new thing in there to get them frowning all over again.

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