Weekender: Predictions

Day 77. 128,036 words.

Held a party in Bar Äijä’s last night to celebrate the arrival of our Ancestry DNA test results. I don’t really have time to go into it right now but I assume the party will go fine and I will have a hangover today.

It was also St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve had bad luck with St. Patrick’s Days since around 2008. Hopefully getting back in the kilt and putting Guinness in Bar Äijä’s will make the whole thing reset back to good times.

Nothing much else to add for today. Back to work tomorrow.


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4 Responses to Weekender: Predictions

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Are you 100% Australian like Sean Hannity is 100% Irish? XD

    Talk about virtue signalling. Yeesh. I remember the good ole’ days in murrica when the Irish were the bad ones.

    Ok I don’t REMEMBER so much as am historically aware and therefore intellectually informed about current trends.

    • stchucky says:

      Funnily enough, we had some very interesting DNA results. And not surprisingly, my genes are dominated by British, Northern English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and cancer.

      May add some more details in later. But it was a grand party. Guinness was demolished, whiskey was sipped, and I sent at least one set of drunken (but exquisitely HTML’d, dreameling can confirm!) WhatsApp messages.

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