Well today’s just been bullshit

Day 71. 123,491 words.

Damn it, I didn’t even manage to write 123,456 words. Maybe I should go and delete thirty-five words just so I’ll have something to show for my irritating goddamn day.

I did enjoy a cool little uptick in writing over the weekend, mainly because I figured out what was happening in this third short story. And also because I went and locked myself in the bedroom with my phone for an hour after the fifth time I tried and failed to explain the concept of “just sitting and relaxing for an hour before we do more stuff” to Wump and Toop. I did feel a bit bad about that but we went to the pool shortly afterwards and it was fun.

Grr, but today has been a mess of irritating little scrap-ends of jobs. And not the satisfying “just this last little bit and then at least that job is done” sort of scrap-ends, either.

On the plus side, I guess technically I’ve chipped away a tiny bit at a selection of my different work-related tasks, but none of them actually got done to my satisfaction. Not today, anyway.

And that leaves me annoyed.

Oh well.

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