Interlude: Worldcon 2019

Day 62. 113,643 words.

Oh yeah, we’re starting this shit already y’all.

Just a brief entry for now. I purchased Worldcon memberships for the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin just this week. One for me, one for Mrs. Hatboy, one for Wump and one (a steal at €5, since she apparently counts as an infant since she was born after August 2013) for Toop. We are locked in, and going to Worldcon 2019.

This is worth making a blog post about, however, mostly because of the fact that I paid the total €385 membership fee using nothing but money from my book sales. In accordance with my undertaking that I pay for as much of the Worldcon experience as possible with my author’s salary, not my day-job’s.

I’m not sure, at the little trickle of cash I’m getting lately, whether I’ll be able to pay for the hotel for a week on my author salary. But the airfares, at least, should still be doable. I’ve used less than half the money I’ve made in book sales since beginning implementation of this promise (back around Worldcon 2016 in August last year), and I consider the membership fees a not-inconsiderable expense. I still have a solid 18 months to make more money, and you never know when a month is going to be unexpectedly good.

Plus, with any luck I’ll be adding at least a couple of books to my sales channels in the first half of this year. I know I’ve been dawdling (relatively speaking), but I’m really quite happy with this next offering.

And there’s always sudden shocking viral Internet fame and massively escalated book sales to consider as a possibility. Right?

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1 Response to Interlude: Worldcon 2019

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Awesome! Having a side hustle that pays for itself/other things (because come on, WorldCon will be a vacation for you folks as well) is really satisfying.

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