Interlude: What I’m Doing On My Holidays, Day, uh… (Turku, Part 3)

Day 54. 106,695 words.

Time is running out on my give-away (or not technically give-away since 99c is still 99c, but come on, it’s a give-away). The first books of my two series – Eejit in sci-fi, Bad Cow in sci-fi / fantasy – are heavily discounted for the rest of the week. I’m doing so, as I mentioned before, in celebration of Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday.

Offer only available for buyers, and only for the e-book. Offer lasts until Sunday the 25th of February. Not applicable to paperbacks or other books in series. 99c is an expression of US dollar value and is not a legal guarantee of these books costing less than a dollar. Fine print not read aloud in an amusingly-fast lawyer voice is still considered factual but just isn’t as funny. Yes, this is a copy of an earlier post but the text and the tweets are new(ish). Mrs. Hatboy’s actual age is not the issue here.
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