Interlude: What I’m Doing On My Holidays, Day, uh… (Turku, Part 1)

Day 52. 104,811 words. Finished the second story! One and a bit left to go!

So this got a bit weird. My next summer holiday overtook my report on the last one. It turned out that, while I still didn’t have a winter holiday for this year, I still had 5 days of vacation time left from my summer holiday, so I’m taking them this week.

So it’s sort of a second summer holiday, which isn’t really summer because it’s the middle of winter but then my last summer holiday was winter too, and later this year I’ll actually be getting a normal summer holiday, which means that although I haven’t had a holiday since 2015, in 2018 I will be getting three. Which only seems fair.

What probably isn’t fair, however, is that because I’m on holiday and otherwise writing up a storm, I’m not going to be doing any interesting blog posts for the next few days.

We’re off the Turku for a couple of nights now, just to spend a bit of time in a hotel and so Mrs. Hatboy and Wump can hit the theatre.

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3 Responses to Interlude: What I’m Doing On My Holidays, Day, uh… (Turku, Part 1)

  1. Sure, just rub it in my face….

    No, I don’t mean that the way Deadpool would. Or do I?

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