Interlude: Deadpool 2, The Hype Train Welcomes Late Boarders

Day 50. 99,612 words. On holiday this week. Don’t expect much in the way of updates or word count changes. I may update them or I may not. Work will be happening on my phone.


So this was flung at me by several people over the past couple of weeks, and as my esteemed associate Mr. Thepatriot says, I really ought to have made a blog post about it.

So here it is.

I mean, obviously eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee covers it quite well, but let’s give it a little bit more attention. Yes, we’re getting a Deadpool sequel and yes, it looks like it will be just as safe and sequel-formulaic as the first movie was safe and franchise-starter formulaic.


Given that it was taking huge risks with the character, the rating, and everything else.

I don’t really know much about Cable, since I haven’t read many of the Deadpool comics that include him (I’m still working through the back-catalogue and I very rarely get comic-reading time). But it looks well-cast and well-treated. I can’t wait to see how a cybernetic killer from the future will play into the very carefully and vaguely extended universe, and how many Terminator jokes there will be.

I had a laugh at the creative use of film-making fourth-wallism with the green to-be-edited arm and the brief puppet show with the dolls. It’s good to see that although a lot of jokes will be re-used from the first movie, there’s still plenty of fresh water in that well too.

And this, of course, is lampshaded and exemplified with the comment “well, that’s just lazy writing”.

Bless you, Ryan Reynolds, for making these movies work.

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