What I Did On My Holidays, 2017-2018, Day 4

Today was the Day of the Farms. We took the kids to the “Sunflowers Animal Farm” petting zoo (I know, I drew some pretty alarming associations from that name as well, but that’s what they went with), which is always a favourite. You get a bucket of feed and can just wander around feeding the sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, emus, kangaroos, alpacas and horses. I think it is a simply brilliant way of farmers getting other people to pay them to do their jobs.

Anyway, the kids loved it. I suspect some of the signs were out of date, because the “piglets” that you should “please not try to pick up” were now about 80kg of heaving grunt-blubber, but the baby chicks were cute and fuzzy as always. The whole experience made me vaguely hungry for some barbecue.

After that, we went to a farm for the grown-ups: the Berry Farm, winery and port- and jam-making place. Like the Animal Farm, this is also always a favourite. Mrs. Hatboy and I dropped a large wad of cash in the shop, came out with a bunch of excellent produce, and we had an excellent lunch there. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the Australian southwest.

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