Interlude: Rough week

I’m sorry to everyone who had to put up with me this week. Combination holiday’s-over, jet-lag, and right back into a bunch of … let’s just say “work” … at work, and a healthy dose of frustration over how little I’ve managed to get written in the past few months, all just took their toll.

Irritating. I didn’t have any of these downturns while I was on holiday. Imagine that!

Still, I guess you’ve got to laugh. And learn! Why, this week alone I learned the following True FactsTM:

  • If a task is supposed to take one person one hour to perform, it will take six people six hours.
  • Finnish technicians use the term hillottaa to mean to jam, as in hillottaa vaan siihen jumalautajust jam it in there goddamnit. This is amusing because the root is the Finnish word hillo/hilloa, which is the translation of the other sort of jam.


Which as we all know, is not something just anyone would dare to do. Depending on the flavour involved.
  • The sideburn or muttonchop hair / beard style, in Finnish, is known as jufat. This is because of the fur’s resemblance to the head of an ice hockey stick.
  • User-friedly is my favourite typo of the week, clompleted being a close second.


Again, my sincerest apologies for this week. Next week will probably be better.

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