I have to step out of my hiatus briefly to wish a happy 100th Independence Day to my dear adoptive country. Today Finland celebrates its Centenary.


He is smiling!

It’s about half-past one in the morning and I have a bunch of stuff to do in a few hours, starting with raising the flag and driving Wump to Hakunila for her scout group’s bake sale.

Then, well, I thought I’d jump on a bus and head into Helsinki to stand up with my fellow humans in opposition to the racist, white supremacist, isolationist and anti-immigration alliance that is trying to make our Independence Day something ugly and shameful. I know I’m still just an immigrant and not a citizen, but this is my home.

I’m going to take my bagpipes, just to let all my exotic and awful foreignness show.

But above all, it’s going to be a day of peace, respect, and admiration for this dark, gorgeous, chilly little nation and its amazing, relentless people. Here’s to a hundred years of being fucking awesome, and here’s to a hundred more.


And torilla tavataan. This is … a really long story.
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