Today: 20171106

Today I did some random manual editing, attended a couple of meetings, replied to a bunch of e-mails and took part in some training at work. The weather was mildly crappy but public transport to the office wasn’t terrible. I didn’t get to write very much because I got bus-sick.

I ate leftovers and drank two cups of coffee.

Online, USians were arguing the relative merits of gun control vs. thoughts and prayers, and the impossibility of ever discussing something the other side doesn’t want to politicise “so soon” after the tragedy of yet another mass shooting.

I got in a snark-off with a friend that resulted in a flurry of in-jokes that will make sense to approximately two people in the entire world.

And I timestamped this post because it’s really the most efficient way of differentiating it frrom every other day when basically the same shit happened.

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2 Responses to Today: 20171106

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Can we take my “Fascinating” and Spock eyebrow as a given?

    I saw that some of our politicians are, predictably, now saying we need guns in churches. SMH.

    But you know what? Have at it, hoss. You won’t find me, my wife, or my kids in church. Probably ever. So sure, this one I can let pass without outrage.

    Not that it isn’t STUPID. I just DGAF.

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