This Week In Medicine

Yesterday I had to rush into Hakunila to get jabbed and blood-drained as part of my annual series of check-ups. Tomorrow, I was destined for a couple of different X-rays. Unfortunately, one of them has now been moved to the middle of November (giving me two pointless crappy half-days at work instead of a solid day off to get all the farting round done).

To cap it off, the oscopy I was booked in for next week, and which I was just gathering myself for (have I mentioned how very fucking unpleasant oscopies are?), has been bumped to the middle of December. Just before our trip, in fact.

On the plus side, I mentioned that they’d sent me the awful 5-litre option of prep medicine and they are now sending me a free set of the awful 2-glass option, which makes me retch in my mouth just thinking about it but at least it’s over in tequila-slammer timeframes. So that saved me €20 or so.

And that, at least, should be a solid day off regardless of when it happens.

Now, back to work for me (and back to setting up my Bad Cow e-book publication while my files save … stay tuned).

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2 Responses to This Week In Medicine

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Ugh. Yeah, I agree, days like this SUCK. Too much shit going on, changing around, and bad shit at that.

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