Yesterday was really very fun, and the clocks turned the right way this morning to give me an extra hour of faffing around. Don’t rightly have time to talk about Saturday’s movie yet, but to be continued.

Today we’re off to use up our free Kirjamessut (book expo) tickets and see what we find. I’ve never actually been, so it’ll be interesting. I hear there’s good as well.

A week of medical examinations and extra work to fit into the reduced hours at work coming up. Stay tuned.

Book is in final stages of publication, e-book on the way and the whole thing should be going live in the next few days. Then, onwards with what I hope will be an easier to read, easier to write, easier to edit Book Two.

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2 Responses to Kirjamessut

  1. Testing elsewhere to make you feel my pain XD

    One theory I have is if it’s a comment in a place I didn’t comment before, I get the full issue. Replies I get less issues.

    Last test I promise XD

  2. ok this time I can see it. Sorry about all this, our systems are screwed and I’m TRYING not to have to call IT so I can comment on blogs XD

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