Made the coffee

Managed to get woken up by my bag half an hour before my alarm went off this morning. Which was actually good. I’d set the alarm a little earlier than usual and wasn’t confident about getting up. Usually when I set the alarm earlier it just means I’m giving myself a snooze hour.

And no, incidentally, I’m not talking about the days I set my alarm super early to go and write. Haven’t done that much lately. Trying to get over this cold and it’s not easy (he says in tones of wild revelation) if you only sleep 4 hours a night.

Anyway, chipping away at the last couple of chapters of editing work, hoping to publish this week and get on with something else.

Wound up getting to work nice and early which is good, because I’ve been getting in at 09:00am-09:30am and leaving at ~16:00pm, which has been eating my overtime hours because that’s not how working full-time works.

And I got to make the coffee. Hence the name of today’s uninspired blog post.

Ugh. Busy week.

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1 Response to Made the coffee

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Sometimes you need to claim the small victories.

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