Yes, it’s another uninspired Sunday post. In other news, I did figure out why I was napping so much and was in a foul mood most of yesterday. I hadn’t had time to have my coffee. So that was a mystery solved.

Cats was, as mentioned, excellent and Wump maintained focus all the way through (almost). We headed home and watched The Wizard of Oz on Wump’s request. I napped.

Then Mrs. Hatboy went out to see Elven Scroll performing live in Kerava. This is my cousin-in-law’s band, apparently folk metal. They suffered from drunk-or-absent sound technician on the night but the gig apparently went well.

I stayed home, minded the kids, watched Zoolander 2 (awful but hypnotic, I laughed a couple of times) and the first 20 minutes of Watchmen (did they make a new version of this movie? It’s nothing like I remember it being and the one I’m seeing on Netflix is much better than the theatrical release, but it may just be because I’ve had to watch a lot of good Marvel and bad DC attempted grimdark since seeing the movie the first time).

Then bed, for snoozing.

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6 Responses to JAFS

  1. dreameling says:

    The one on Netflix seems to be the theatrical cut (2 h 42 min). The director’s cut (3 h 6 min) is superior, through. Yet to see the ultimate cut (3 h 35 min), which incorporates the Tales of the Black Freighter animated short.

    • stchucky says:

      Wild, it’s just nothing like I remembered. I probably wasn’t paying attention when I saw it.

      And the Black Freighter was Mrs. Hatboy’s favourite part of the comic, she always said she’d have preferred to see that made into a movie. So maybe the animated short could be extracted out and she could watch that.

      Me, I want the giant alien tentacle blob hoax to be made into part of the movie.

      • dreameling says:

        Yeah, I liked the tentactle monster hoax better, too, and all the conspiracy backstory stuff that went into it.

        The Tales of the Black Freighter is a DVD/BD bonus feature, if memory serves.

  2. dreameling says:

    I think my memory failed me. TOTBF was not a DVD/BD extra. It’s its own release (but it’s also part of the ultimate cut).

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