Monday in Review

Nothing much to report, slow start to the week and work continues in a steady fashion after last week’s moments of running around.

I was vaguely amused while checking in on Eejit on Amazon (sales are still dragging, I need a new book or more publicity, and reviews are hovering at a lame-arse 22). Overall the scores are good, I’m somewhere around 4 stars.

But then Amazon has this new system, where it logs the reviews according to the genres favoured by the reviewers. And that was a bit weird.



Looks like I’m moderately tanking in terms of what science fiction readers like – so much so that the religion and spirituality readers are giving me better reviews! I mean, I’ve long since made as clear as possible that I don’t care about genre and Phase 2 is going to blow the whole concept of genre out of the water for anyone who’s even remotely interested in my books or my arbitrary Phase system … but it was amusing to see.

I need to go spamming again, my visibility’s in the toilet right now.

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