Looking up!

Well, it’s Thursday after a busy week. Things have been going well at work, and although it was still a disappointing month on Amazon I am pleased to say my books finally arrived so I’ll have a few copies for the party in another week and a bit.

After stupidly losing the “we tried to deliver your package” paper and finding that R-Kioski was unable to confirm they had a package and the post office unable to confirm that they’d sent the package to R-Kioski, I finally just went into the R-Kioski and showed them my driver’s license and said “look, can’t you just go into the store-room and see if there’s a package with this name on it?”

And wonder of wonders, he did that, and I got my package.

So that got the week headed in a more positive direction. And soon the weekend will be here and there’s a barbecue on the horizon.

Nothing much else to report.

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