Hosting V

Nothing to say today. I’m burned out and ready to go home and rest, but I can’t, because I have work to do and then a bunch of running around to get done with.

I finally got a note from the post office saying I had a package – probably my paperbacks for the book party[1] – at the R-Kioski that is what we now have instead of a post office. All the rest of the junk mail I pulled out of the mail box yesterday is still there, but the one important thing – that note – is gone. Fucking vanished. No longer exists in this spatial dimension.

[1] Not Bad Cow, as mentioned. Delays there. But I got a copy of Bonshoon to add to my payment for Ilja, and a few other copies to sell if anyone wants them. Shit, and I need to start on the quiz, too. Something like this…


So I’ll just have to go to the “post office” and show them my ID and tell them they sent me a package notification. I predict this being a long and annoying process. It just seems like the best way to prepare myself for it, and hopefully wind up pleasantly surprised.

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1 Response to Hosting V

  1. stchucky says:

    Follow-up: Fuck Posti. Fuck them so fucking hard. What a shit excuse for a service they’ve been since they decided an R-Kioski would somehow be a good replacement for a fucking post office.

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