Another dream, this one with knives in

Another dream to amuse you today. Came to me, again, in the early hours of the morning. I seem to recall I switched off my alarm, giving up on getting to work at 07:00am, and decided to wake up when Mrs. Hatboy and the girls did instead. Still allowing me to get to work by 08:30am. Totally worth it.


This dream was briefer. I was without a car for the afternoon, but Mr. BRKN had kindly agreed to give me a lift to wherever it was I needed to go. The only catch was that we needed to stop at a shop where he’d ordered a hunting knife. This was fine with me.

I was also without a mobile phone, and Mr. BRKN’s phone was in dire need of charging. This didn’t really head anywhere as a plot point, and I believe it was just added to ramp up the tension unnecessarily.

The knife, in case you were interested, had been specified as having an avocado green leather-bound handle, but I don’t know anything else about it. From what I saw, it was avocado skin green, not avocado flesh. Which is cool. Also looked like a similar surface to avocado skin. The knife hilt may in fact have been bound in treated avocado skin. It was the millennialest knife ever.

The shop also sold leather-bound notepads and old-style scrolls with modern curling-and-uncurling mechanisms that you could then store in a thing like a cigar case. It’s probably for the best that this shop only existed in a dream, because I was about to drop a heap of money in it when I woke up.

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1 Response to Another dream, this one with knives in

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    So brkn is a hipster. Got it. Seems legit.

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