Weekender, September 2017 (1)

Another week goes by. Shit, at this rate September’s going to be over before I know what’s happening.

Not a lot to report. Mrs. Hindle was on the radio yesterday, speaking to a Swedish show about Hakunila (I hope she was diplomatic). I didn’t get a chance to hear it myself but it might be playing again on one or another of the Internet channels.

Today, she’s off to buy postcards (this is a thing Mrs. Hindle does), so I’ll be looking after Wump and Toop and Wally for the day, which should be fun. I mean, genuinely. Last time they were all together and I was left in charged, we went on like a 6km hike and played in a playground for several hours and I told an old lady to go fuck herself.

It was a rich full day.

Not sure what we’re going to do today, since the weather is likely to be shitty. But we’ll come up with something.

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1 Response to Weekender, September 2017 (1)

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Nice! I read the referenced Go Fuck Yourself blog entry, and fully approve. Driving in traffic here in the US, I regularly tell people to go fuck themselves. Also, watching political youtube videos, the same.

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